The Book Division at Abrams Artists Agency is a thriving, full service literary agency embedded within this bi-coastal talent agency. Our clients benefit from the decades of combined experience we accrued working at top book publishing companies such as Random House, HarperCollins, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt amongst others – not to mention the drive, vision, and passion we bring to each and every agent-client relationship.

We are selective about the clients we take on – and need to be so we can provide each client the concentrated attention they deserve. As a result, we work closely and collaboratively on the editorial development of each client project, bringing our insider expertise to every stage of a project’s gestation – conception to publication. This includes strategically targeted submissions, expert negotiations, and a clear perspective on how to execute in the realm of packaging, marketing and publicity.

In the realm of marketing, our department is sufficiently well schooled in social media and helps each client utilize the appropriate platforms to promote their project. We take great pride in working with authors to take the long view – by discussing their ultimate career goals and how a particular project might help achieve them.

Our clients also benefit greatly from the wide-ranging authority of our colleagues at Abrams Artists Agency, whose knowledge and expertise extend to film, television, theater, and licensing. Also, from the global reach of our network of sub-agents, who represent their projects in territories of all sizes around the world.

To contact our team directly, please reach out to:
Steve Ross, Director of the Book Division
David Doerrer, Book Agent and Director of Foreign Rights

Queries should include a short sample of your work, and can be sent to: