Digital Studio

At the forefront
of change.

Our industry is in a period of transition. Traditional fades and digital takes over. Celebrity gives way to influencer. And engagement is everything.

At A3, the new revolution is old news to us. For years, we’ve been working with influencers and partnering with brands to increase exposure for our clients.

We work with top brands to reach millions of consumers through digital, linear and nonlinear distribution channels. Utilizing the breadth of the A3 network, many of our digital clients cross over into film, TV, commercials, literary, books, branding and licensing.

With the launch of our Digital Production Studio, we help our clients seamlessly deliver content to their audiences.

Digital Production and Podcast Studio

Located in the Pacific Design Center, the A3 Digital Production and Podcast Studio is equipped with a full range of state of the art production and podcasting equipment. The newly renovated and soundproof space is a free resource for the agency’s clients and also rentable to outside production companies, content creators and artists.

The space is 800 square feet and includes a moveable living room setup with various backdrop and green screen options. Clients will additionally have free access to in-house production and editing equipment such as: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, LED lights, spotlights and soft LED light on stands, boom mic, field recorder and condenser mic, studio monitors, audio interface, iMac Retina 5k display 32 GB computer, keyboard & 1TB external hard drive, jib, tripod, and C-stands (full list available upon request). Additionally, the space is outfitted with a professional-grade podcast setup which accommodates 4-5 people. Equipment list includes: 4 Shure microphone setup, 4 mic stands, 4 boom mics, Shure SRH840 Professional Monitoring Headphones and the RODECaster Pro Integrated Podcasting Production Console.